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About ObjectBuilders

ObjectBuilders products and services assist companies in building enterprise and departmental business solutions. ObjectBuilders products and solutions have been developed, implemented, and are in place serving the business needs of leading Global 2000 companies such as Siemens, U.S. Bank, Liberty Mutual, XM Satellite Radio, and others. Like other System Integrators and Consulting companies, we offer the full application lifecycle services with three distinct advantages.

The ObjectBuilders Advantage

The Product: Composite Application Builder - The LiveApp Player™ Suite
Composite application builders accelerate application development by assembling or configuring complex business applications without traditional coding. ObjectBuilders Composite Application Builder - The LiveApp Player™ Suite - enhances and supports Agile Methodologies and can consolidate software products and tools. IT control can be centralized with departmental and administrative modifications and SOAs can be maximized.

The Service: The Software Factory™
The Software Factory™ is a U.S. based facility that is an alternative to offshore development, offering costs competitive with offshore without the risk. Applications can be delivered in 30 to 60 days after the Specification work is complete - no matter the size. The Software Factory™ utilizes industrial manufacturing techniques, while reducing construction time and optimizing the Specification process. The Software Factory™ saves time, money and headaches while utilizing products you already know and own.

The Practice: Unleash the Power of ECM, BPM and BI Products
ObjectBuilders provides Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) consultants to assist customers in just about any capacity from planning to post implementation. ObjectBuilders continually invests in R&D efforts so you don’t have to.

ObjectBuilders enables customers to deploy solutions quickly, cost-effectively and reliably. Customers are easily able to modify and enhance deployed solutions to keep pace with the demands of their business.

Go a step further with ObjectBuilders' LiveApp Solutions. LiveApp Solutions are packaged business solutions designed to automate a variety of business processes such as case management, reconciliation, salary management, incentive management, partner settlement, licensing, permitting and more. LiveApp Solutions all are 100% assembled with the LiveApp Player™ Suite.

ObjectBuilders' LiveApp Solutions and LiveApp Player™ integrate seamlessly with customers' current IT infrastructures, leveraging - and enhancing the value of - existing IT investments. The solutions are designed to extend - not replace -systems already in place, and to serve as that "missing piece of the IT puzzle" that companies are searching for.




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