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LiveApp Player™ Suite


Customers and partners can license ObjectBuilders’ LiveApp Player Suite – patented technology that enables them to design and deploy custom Solutions quickly, cost-effectively, and reliably. Solutions are 100% assembled, and deployed in XML, without the need to write, link or compile code – Software Assembly.

The LiveApp Player includes all of the features that you demand in your mission-critical business applications, such as rich client presentation, transaction processing, business rules processing, and security. The LiveApp Player can be used to extend and enhance your existing infrastructure, to create robust, custom solutions that are agile and flexible to changing business needs.

The LiveApp Player is used to create business solutions when some of these common challenges exist:

  • Rapidly assimilate SOA into business solutions
  • Eliminate the hassles in delivering powerful ECM, BPM and BI solutions
  • Faster turnaround from specification to deployment
  • The need to integrate new and old data sources and technology
  • Complex business processes
  • Business relationships that change frequently
  • The need to deploy rich-client applications in a browser over the Internet

Some examples of LiveApp Player’s solutions include:

  • Resolution and Exception Handling
  • Case Management, including disconnected case inspections and case processing
  • Licensing, including disconnected field inspections and field licensing
  • Claims Processing
  • Correspondence Management
  • HiREV (Health Information Record Exchange and Validation)
  • Application Processing: Mortgage, License, Permits and more
  • Incentive Management
  • Salary Planning
  • Partner and Financial Settlement
  • Reconciliation

The LiveApp Player also enables powerful real-time adaptation of deployed solutions, giving companies the utmost in flexibility and adaptability to changing business requirements. The LiveApp Player has the ability to securely deliver modification capability into the hands of non-technical users – you choose who has access to make modifications, quickly and easily, according to your business needs.

Evolve your infrastructure and keep pace with business demands with the LiveApp Player Suite from ObjectBuilders.

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Here are just some of the benefits of solutions based on the ObjectBuilders LiveApp Player:

  • Rapid deployment by assembling applications from ready-to-deploy functionality.
  • Lower development costs.
  • Enhanced IT ROI.
  • Reduced demands on IT staff.
  • Rapid real-time, WYSIWYG updates and modifications during development and after deployment in response to changing business needs.
  • Complements and leverages existing IT and application infrastructure.
  • Delivers control of solutions to non-technical users with a variety of skill sets.
  • Easier, less costly maintenance and upgrades of solutions and systems.
  • Bridges the gap between business and IT groups, adding organizational value.
  • Superior functionality and usability over typical Web-based clients.
  • Rich client capability over the Internet.
  • Deployment of solutions on multiple platforms simultaneously.

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Business Case

Most businesses today face the challenge of doing more with less. From the IT perspective, this means:

  • Keeping development costs down.
  • Leveraging and adapting current systems.

Within these constraints, however, organizations must ensure that their systems are compliant with the latest technologies and standards (such as XML and Web Services) or risk being left behind. And more importantly, IT systems and applications need to be able to adapt quickly to changing business requirement, or their value to the organization will steadily diminish.

Increasing complex business processes require increasingly complex applications, capable of handling high volumes of data from multiple sources and integration with a variety of other applications. But in today’s business environment, the plodding pace of traditional, coded-centric application development can render some applications nearly out of date when they are finally ready to deploy – at considerable expense. On the other hand, packaged applications too often only offer “chocolate, vanilla or strawberry” functionality that can’t be tailored to meet unique – let alone constantly changing – business requirements.

In short, companies faced with shrinking IT dollars and the need for up-to-date, feature-rich, flexible applications need to:

  • reduce the complexity and time involved in application development;
  • find cost-effective alternatives to (a) costly custom development or (b) packaged products that don’t meet their current or future business needs; and
  • deploy solutions that are easily adaptable to changing business requirements.

So how can organizations (a) leverage their existing IT infrastructure, (b) deploy feature-rich, custom solutions quickly, and (c) keep their IT systems in line with their business needs over the long haul?

The LiveApp player makes all of this possible. Just like you upgrade your operating systems to get latest technology and features, you can upgrade the LiveApp Player to ensure that your solutions have all the latest technology and features as well. The LiveApp Player also includes a tool called the LiveModeler for integrating new and existing technology and products and the LiveIntegrator for integrating disparate functionalities into a powerful business application.

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